You expect a relaxation armchair to provide you with a feeling of contentment, the greatest possible comfort, and the complete rest and relaxation of your body.

And what could be more restful than a chair that follows your movements and positions and thereby affords you perfect support?

Nirwana offers you the choice of various brands and models of relaxation chairs, armchairs, two- or three-seater sofas, three-piece suites and home-cinema combinations with the following possibilities:

  • Motorised or non-motorised relaxation chair
  • Foot-rest (built in or separate)
  • Adjustable head rests
  • Strengthening of the back
  • Adjustability of the chair’s seat height
  • Softer or firmer seats
  • More supple types of leather

The models range from traditional to more design oriented, but are in all cases fine examples of ergonomic wellbeing.

Backed by the advice given to you by our sales staff/physiotherapists, you will be able to find the solution best suited to your needs from among the many models and possibilities.