Our chairs are more than just four legs to keep you off the floor.

“Agile sitting” with support

We are not made to sit (still). A good chair invites you to move, to such an extent in fact that whilst you are sitting you can regularly adopt other positions.

Movement stimulates our blood irrigation and supplies blood to the intervertebral discs. A good support prevents sagging and promotes favourable sitting positions.

Come along and find out what “agile sitting” is all about.

Sitting at an "open angle"

In its natural position our spinal column forms an S curve which may disappear when we are sitting.

The position of our spinal column is partly determined by the position of our pelvis. A good chair helps you to sit with an open angle between your trunk and thigh, as a result of which your pelvis tilts forward slightly and consequently the back assumes its natural curve.

Come along and experience sitting at an open angle.

Move, mix it up, sit

As well as movement-promoting dining-room and kitchen chairs, Nirwana offers various other products that can help you to adopt agile sitting at home or in the office: sitting and standing aids, back supports, knee chairs, sitting balls, children’s chairs, saddle chairs and such like.